Monday, July 22, 2013

Is God Anti-Gay?

Finally, a concise, honest, biblical, look at homosexuality and Christianity. Sam Allberry, has written as a pastor and as one who struggles with same sex attraction, a heartfelt and hope-filled book for those who either share in his struggle, or aim to love those who do.

This book is truly a joy to read and one I recommend to all. This issue of homosexuality is huge today. Both sides screaming to be heard, villainizing the other. At times it seems as though both are obsessed. One sees it as the greatest evil the world has ever known and the other the very definition of their life and purpose. The truth is that both sides are out of balance.

Sam Allberry, does a wonderful job placing this issue in its proper context. Yes, he affirms its sinfulness according to scripture, but he also recognizes that homosexuality is a sexual sin, a category of sin that heterosexuals struggle with greatly as well.

One important distinction he makes, is that none of us should be defined solely based on our sexuality. We are more than that. Same sex attraction is just one of the sinful impulses that may burden anyone of us. Some may struggle with addiction or with greed, but we would never seek to identify them only as such. This is why he dislikes using the term gay. Gay is an identity, while same sex attraction is the impulse.

There is much that this book has to offer for those struggling with same sex attraction or for those desiring to minister to those who do. As this issue continues to dominate our culture and influence our churches we need to be prepared to respond to and help in a Christ-like and loving way, seeking to direct all of the glory to God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank  Cross Focused Reviews for sending me this free review copy.

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