Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did North Carolina Ban Gay Marriage? What's Behind The Push

 This is a very interesting look at the subject of gay marriage. Who is actually being denied their rights?
How we talk about an issue affects how we think about it. Consider the language we use about marriage. A Fox News headline reads: “North Carolina voters take up amendment banning gay marriage.”

So what’s the problem? Framing. Today’s vote in North Carolina is not about banning anything. Nothing will be made illegal as a result. In all fifty states across the nation two people of the same sex can live together, have their religious community bless their union, and have their workplace offer them various joint benefits — if the religious communities and workplaces in question so desire. Many liberal houses of worship and progressive businesses have voluntarily decided to do so. There’s nothing illegal about this. There’s no ban on it.

What’s at issue is whether the government will recognize such unions as marriages — and then force every citizen and business to do so as well. This isn’t the legalization of something, this is the coercion and compulsion of others to recognize and affirm same-sex unions as marriages. (source)
This side of the issue doesn't get the attention it deserves. Homosexuals desire to have the "freedom" and "right" to marry and receive all of the benefits that go along with it. But what of those who disagree and yet will be forced to acknowledge and participate in this "freedom"?  What affect will this have on churches? Will they have to recognize and even bless these unions against their will and beliefs? So often ones freedom is another's chains. How do we decide who should take priority over another?

I should probably leave this alone, but... The main reason I see the push for gay "marriage" as opposed to "unions" or any other term, is the desire to declare their lifestyle as right and acceptable. That if they win legal recognition, then their actions can't be wrong. If they can persuade the culture and government, then surely God won't hold out either.

God has written the law on our hearts. Though they obey their passions, their hearts are filled with the guilt and shame of sin. They are seeking relief, but it won't be found through legal actions, but in repentance. They need Jesus, not cultural confirmation.

I pray that we not let the cultural battle harden our hearts against those who are most in need of our Savior's love. We must stand strong against sin, while not neglecting to reach out to those who are held by it with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord.
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