Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God and the Nations - Review

While reading the Old Testament I am always struck by something. There is so much focus on Israel, but what about all of the other nations? What were they there for? What was their purpose? Had God just abandoned them without hope?

God and the Nations, by Henry Morris sets out to answer these and many more questions on the origins, purposes, and destinies of the many nations of yesterday and today.

Morris weaves his explanation into an enjoyable story from creation to the end of the world. He explains how the world developed originally without any form of government other than fathers as the head of their individual families. This changes as God gave authority to man through Noah after the flood for men to begin to enforce the law upon each other, in the command that those who murder should be killed themselves as punishment.

In an abuse of this authority to control the people, Nimrod rises to lead the rebellion against God and his mandate to fill and subdue the earth. From here things get interesting as the people are divided by languages and families and are separated out because of God's intervention at Babel. The result is an explosion of newly created nations.

Morris continues to follow the newly formed nations and their development. It is fascinating to see how we have arrived at the world we see today. He also shares how and by what standards God judges these nations, all the while upholding God's sovereignty in all things.

God and the Nations is an interesting read. As I stated before, it is so easy to look just at Adam and Eve, then Noah, then Israel, and finally ending up at the church. But there is so much else going on along the way that reveals God's mercy, grace, sovereignty, and judgment. This is truly the untold story of the world. We can all benefit by learning more about about our past and what it means for our future.

I would like to thank Master Books for sending me this free book for review.

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