Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Boys Scouts, Homosexuality, and What Do We Do Now?

What have they done?

The Boy Scouts have been under constant pressure by homosexual activists to change their policies concerning their ban on homosexual scouts and leaders. Sadly, all of the pressure has finally weakened the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) resolve. This statement added to their Membership Standards Resolution is the result.

“No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

So what's the damage?

What hasn't changed is the BSA position on adult leaders. Openly homosexual adults are not permitted to be leaders, volunteers, or members.

The new policy only applies to the youth. Kids will not be denied membership based on sexual orientation.

My question is, why are we pushing youth to express their sexual orientation? Should this even be an issue? By what age do kids have to decide this? In practice this new ruling is just a concession, an appeasement to the gay agenda. I don't see the day to day operation of individual Boy Scout troops being overly effected by this decision. As long as a member doesn't use their sexuality in such a way to be a distraction, in which case they could be dismissed on the grounds of inappropriate conduct, there shouldn't be much change.

The biggest issue will most likely be in the area of camping. Obviously, if a scout declares himself to be homosexual then it would necessitate separate sleeping arrangements, as well as restroom and shower facilities. We wouldn't allow boys and girls to share a tent, this would be no different.

The decision - Good or Bad?

I'm disappointed with BSA's decision. I was hoping they would have stood strong against the onslaught of the homosexual agenda. They are headed in a direction that will lead only to more and more trouble. The activists will not be satisfied with the BSA's concession. Their rage against God's authority will never end. Unless the Boy Scouts abandon this attempt to pacify the enemy, it will lead to their demise.

The Boy Scouts have always stood for traditional values. Their core beliefs include an affirmation of God's reality, a standard of reverence, and a pledge to keep oneself morally straight. Against these the devil will always rail. As our culture drifts further from our foundation which was built upon Christianity, anyone who attempts to uphold these values will come under fire.

These attacks should not be taken lightly though. It's easy to dismiss their tactics as we view from the couch, but they are powerful and effective. I'm sure the BSA was under extreme pressure to change from every side, especially on the financial front. Unfortunately, money is often the enemy's fiercest weapon.

The problem is that by compromising on a core belief they lose some of what has been their greatest strength. The program's appeal has always been on the building of boys into responsible, morally upright, productive men. When we are forced to change the definition of morality and manhood, of what use will a program such as Scouting be?

Next time, Should we abandon Scouting?

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