Friday, June 7, 2013

Should we abandon the Boy Scouts?

It seems the popular thing to do now is to run fast and far from Scouting.

Unhappy homosexuals first led the exodus by influencing corporations and other supporters to abandon the Scouts. This led to the BSA compromise on the acceptance of openly gay scouts. Which in turn led to many churches ending their relationship with them as well. It's as if you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I have already expressed my disappointment with the BSA's compromise, but now that the damage is done, how should we respond?

As I stated before, the new ruling appears to be more of a gesture than a functional change. Most troops shouldn't expect to see that many changes. I don't foresee a large influx of gay scouts joining the rural Ohio troop in which I volunteer as a den leader and my three boys attend. On the practical everyday level of our Cub Scout pack, things will most likely continue on as they always have. I hope anyway.

Some troops may not be so fortunate. Obviously, if there is a San Francisco troop, things may get a little crazy. This is one reason some may forced to leave scouting. I would first recommend looking at the possibility of joining a different troop, if in fact this is your situation. Troops vary greatly depending upon location, the passion and abilities of the leaders, the availability of funds, and numerous other variables. Better options may be available just down the street.

As an individual or family the decision to leave or remain in scouting will be based largely on the actual conditions of their particular troop.

Should Churches continue to support and sponsor Boy Scout Troops?

The answer to this one will have a huge impact on the entire Scouting program. Churches and religious organizations have traditionally been the largest supporters of scouting. Many churches sponsor an individual troop, often providing the facility and funds that allow them to operate. This is the case for our troop. Without our sponsor opening the doors of their church building and paying the electric and other utilities that come along with it, we would literally, be left out in the cold!

Lately the news has been filled with stories of churches cutting all ties with the BSA. Should all churches follow this lead? I have been back and forth on this issue many times. Without a doubt, homosexuality is a sin. There is no denying this without denying God's Word. It is easy to see why many churches would choose to separate themselves from an organization that stands in opposition to the truth. We don't want our boys being mislead into believing that such actions are no longer sinful. This is a strong argument for separation.

But what about the boys? The Scouting program? Are they worth fighting for?

The BSA has made a terrible blunder. Their current direction is way off course. Can they be righted? If we all leave, if all of the churches back out, who will be there to influence, to stand for truth? Should we so quickly abandon ship?

At this point in time, I would recommend basing your decisions off of your individual, local troop, rather than making a blanket assessment off of the actions of an out of touch governing body. Get involved with your troop and see where they stand. How do they feel about these events? What direction would they like to travel? Some will remain devoutly Christian. Some never were to begin with! These are the troops that should be dropped.

To sum it all up

At this time, I would urge everyone who does or has ever enjoyed and supported Scouting to spend some time getting to know the organization at their local level. While the official BSA decision is regrettable, there still may be a chance to be a godly influence and enact the needed changes. Thankfully gay leaders are still not allowed, the ruling only applies to the scouts themselves, but the BSA is still under pressure to make further changes. The homosexual activists are wanting these same provisions to be extended unto the leaders and volunteers as well. This is the BSA's last chance to stand strong. If they were give into these other demands, I would then have to leave scouting behind. Our youth are too precious to put in harms way.

Let's pray they don't give in again.

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