Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Broken-Down House: Living Productively in a World Gone Bad - Review

This world is a mess. We all know it. We can't deny it. But we must live in it.

For most of us, all if we are honest, the question we seek to answer each day is how? How do we, how should we, live in this mess?

Paul David Tripp has written an excellent book answering this tough question. In Broken-Down House, he shares hope and wisdom on how we as Christians are to live in this sin cursed world.

Broken-Down House

The first thing the author makes clear, is the fact this world isn't the way it was meant to be. What started out as good, quickly began to fall apart once sin entered in. Now death, disease, sorrow, and pain, are experiences which are common to all. None of us can escape the damage that has been done. Paul Tripp compares our world to a broken-down house. For sure it is a house, but nothing is quite right. Everywhere you look you can see the deterioration and experience the inconvenience of its dilapidated condition. Living here is anything but easy.

I would have to say that this is one of the best books I have read on Christian living. Tripp's advice and insights are both biblical and practical. Time and again I was convicted as he opened my eyes to areas to which I had been blind. His lifetime of Christian counseling and teaching manifest themselves in the loving and honest truth, he presents in every chapter. This is one book I would recommend reading more than once.

The Kindle edition is on sale for $1.99 here Broken-Down House

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