Thursday, February 14, 2013

Advice for Seekers by Charles H. Spurgeon - Review

The Prince of Preachers

Reading Charles H. Spurgeon is like reading theological poetry. Often I've heard the precious truths of the scripture and listened to many bold proclamations of the Gospel, but none have I found as colorful and inviting as from the pen of Spurgeon. God has truly gifted this man with the ability to beautifully articulate the Word with power and passion.

Originally published in 1896, Advice for Seekers, was the result of Spurgeon's desire to compel all of those whom he saw wandering just outside the gate of salvation to come in. These were the precious souls who had been awakened to their sinfulness and the destruction that lies ahead, but had not yet laid hold of the eternal life that is found in Jesus Christ. Some simply needed to be shown the way. Others thought they were beyond saving. All needed the truth revealed and their fears relieved.

These same souls are stumbling before the gate today, and C.H. Spurgeon's timeless message is just as powerful and relevant now as it was then.

Advice For Seekers

The book itself is a thing of beauty. Attic Books has recreated this edition in its original form. The pages are rough cut and the text block is printed in the old style. Even the language and spelling remains the same. This printing would make an excellent gift for any Spurgeon fan.

This book is published by Attic Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. I would like to thank Master Books for sending me this copy for review.

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