Friday, January 18, 2013

Histories and Fallacies by Carl Trueman - Review

Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly skeptical of history. It seems as though today we have everyone just re-writing history, re-interpreting events with the sole purpose of promoting their agenda. Everything is propaganda. America was founded as a Christian nation. None of the founding Fathers were Christians. What is a Christian? 

Can any historical account be trusted?

Thankfully, Carl Trueman has written an insightful book explaining the problems we are faced with in the writing of history. Histories and Fallacies is a delight to read and filled with wisdom. Trueman walks the reader through real life examples of some of the rights and wrongs that are frequently committed. I was just as fascinated by the subjects he chose as examples, as I was with the lessons he was teaching. Tackling issues such as Holocaust Denial, Marxism, and was Luther an anti-Semite are just some of the real world histories he explores.

I found Trueman's work to be very enlightening. I learned much that I can now apply in my research of historical events and in rightly interpreting scripture. I highly recommend this book to everyone who could benefit (and who couldn't?) from a behind the scenes look at the work of discerning historian.

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