Monday, January 21, 2013

Awesome Science - Mount St. Helens

Science and children - The Christian's Dilemma! 

I want to instill a love for and appreciation of science in my children, but I don't want to poison them with today's evolution and godless propaganda. So what do I do? I'm always on the lookout for helpful resources created from a biblical, Christian perspective.

The Awesome Science Series

The Awesome Science Series features field trips to various geological locations to explore how and what we can learn in support of young earth creationism. My kids and I recently watched the episode featuring Mount St Helens. We greatly enjoyed the fast paced and info packed presentation. The main thrust of this particular program was to demonstrate how much of what we see today can be explained through a catastrophic model rather than the generally accepted uniformity model of development. The eruption of Mount St Helens provided creationists with a window into the past. Their studies of the eruption and subsequent geological formations allowed them to learn first hand the effects of cataclysmic catastrophes enabling them to spot these occurrences in many other areas of the world. The study of the decomposition processes of the massive amount of trees and timber that were washed into Spirit lake even allowed scientists to learn  the true origins of the petrified forests.

It's a winner

I highly recommend Mount St. Helens - Amazing Science. It held the attention of my three (well two anyways) boys and I found it to be educational and informative as well. 

I'd like to thank Master Books for allowing me to review this episode.

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