Monday, December 17, 2012

One Day Will We Look Back on Abortion As We Now Do Slavery?

It has always baffled my mind.

How in the world did we allow slavery to go on far so long in this country? Couldn't everyone see the evil of it?

I guess not everyone was for it, but the ones that were, were willing to fight for it. Their selfishness, greed, and hatred blinded them to the reality of their sin. They participated in a practice that today we look back onto in horror and shame that we could have ever lived in that world. Surly had we been there, things would have been different. Slavery either would have never happened or would have at least abruptly halted. Today we see clearly just how wrong it was and is.

It is because of this lesson that we as Americans have learned, that I am dumbfounded that we would continue to count life, any life, as disposable, worthy of less dignity than the life of any other. Have we forgotten how precious life is? How we are all given the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

We have gone from bad to worse. From the legally sanctioned enslavement of the "less than human," to the legally sanctioned murder of the "less than human." The one we oppressed, the other we kill. How is it that we still believe that we can dictate another's fate? The evil of abortion is the "right," a vocal few who in our time has come to fight for with the same vehemence that was formally associated with the pro-slavery crowd. They have willingly closed their eyes to the sin-filled murder of abortion while they lay claim to a "choice" that was never theirs to make.

My prayer, is that one day this wickedness will be behind us.

That future generations will look back with baffled minds asking, "How could we have allowed abortion to go on for so long in this country? Couldn't everyone see the evil of it?"

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