Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution's Nightmare - Review

What if we've got it all wrong?

I grew up watching cartoons with grunting cavemen, unable to communicate except for some hand motions and simple scratchings on the wall of his cave. In history class I read all the speculations on when primitive man may have first learned how to make fire, or invented the wheel, or developed language. These poor creatures lived in this undeveloped state for many, many years, till thankfully we evolved into the sophisticated beings we are today. End of story. Nothing to see here.

But, what if?

What would it look like if rather than slowly evolving through millions of years, we came into being, created so to speak, endowed with intelligence, language, and purpose? You know, sort of like the Bible describes in Genesis. What would we find when searching into our past?

Would we find magnificent structures whose construction baffles even our engineers today? Would we see evidence of advanced art and musical instruments since they wouldn't have been limited by their lack of communication and cultural development? Would we find that maybe they weren't so different from us after all?

What does the evidence suggest?

Well color me surprised, it just so happens that we find all of this and more. Don Landis and Jackson Hole Bible College have put out an incredible book detailing how the biblical model of man's origins agrees with the evidence better than the evolutionary model. The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution's Nightmare, explores the many evidences that support the Bible's explanation of man's development. By starting with the presupposition of God's creation of man fully formed, intelligent, and social, and the bible as the inerrant Word of God, they reexamine the the same evidence that the world refuses to attribute to the workings of a Creator God. Their findings are both intriguing and powerful.

First off, this book is nice. The paper is of a heavy weight with beautiful glossy pictures and helpful charts. Great for kids and adults who desire to see the truth of our beginnings. I love that everything is openly and unashamedly directed towards restoring a biblical worldview to this muddied and distorted topic. We Christians have surrendered this field of study over to the world for too long. We know the scriptures are true, so let us explore in confidence knowing that our foundation cannot be shaken.

Very helpful chart showing the overlap of lifetimes recorded in the Bible
Click to enlarge

I highly recommend this book. It will challenge some of your previously held beliefs and lead you into thinking much more deeply about those fast paced, beginning chapters of Genesis. There is more there than often meets the eye.

I'd like to thank Master Book publishing for sending me this free copy for review.
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