Monday, October 15, 2012

How Do We Know The Bible Is True? Volume 2 - Review

Is the Bible the Word of God? Is it true? Can we trust that we have the books that God intended for us to have? What does it mean to hold the Bible as our ultimate authority?

These are questions that every believer must face. How one views the importance and role of the Bible is detrimental to the Christian faith. Will we derive our thoughts and worldview from God, or man?

Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge, along with other leading biblical scholars, have put together an extremely helpful resource that aims to teach and assure us of the truth and reliability of God's Word. How Do We Know the Bible Is True? Volume 2, is composed of 31 well written chapters, each tackling a different issue in the quest to know the truthfulness of scripture.

I found this book to be extremely helpful. Each chapter renewed my confidence in God's word, as well as convicting me of not always giving it my full attention. It also exposed the areas that I have been less than consistent in adhering to a biblical worldview.

This truly is a resource for everyone. This is one book to have on hand for those friends and family who question or struggle with God and his word. Though the articles are factual and informative, none are overly technical or beyond understanding. They can read at their own pace exploring these issues for themselves.

Just looking at the list of chapters and contributors, you know this book is going to be first rate!

Introduction: The World’s Most Dangerous Book? — Ken Ham 
1. Why Are Young People Walking Away from Our Churches?— Ken Ham 
2. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton — Once Christian?— Bodie Hodge 
3. Why Are Many Christian Colleges Shifting to a Secular Road?— Dr. Greg Hall 
4. Who Created God? Where Did God Come From?— Bodie Hodge 
5. Why Is the Bible Unique? — Dr. Carl J. Broggi 
6. What Is Apologetics — and Why Do It?— Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge 
7. Should We Trust the Findings of the Jesus Seminar?— Tim Chaffen 
8. What about Theistic Evolution? — Roger Patterson 
9. Being Consistent: Trusting the History in the Gospels and Genesis — Roger Patterson 
10. Christian Unity . . . and the Age of the Earth — Steve Ham 
11. Radiocarbon Dating? — Andrew A. Snelling 
12. Radioactive Dating of Rocks? — Andrew A. Snelling 
13. The Shroud of Turin — Was It in the Grave with Christ?— Bodie Hodge 
14. Chronology Wars? — Larry Pierce 
15. Has Noah’s Ark Been Found? — Bodie Hodge 
16. What about Theophanies (Appearances of God) in the Old Testament? — Tim Chaffen 
17. What about Annihilationism and Hell? — Bodie Hodge 
18. How Can I Use Hell in Evangelism? — Ray Comfort 
19. The Importance of the Reformation — Dr. Carl J. Broggi 
20. Were Adam and Eve Real People? — Dr. Georgia Purdom 
21. The “Missing” Old Testament Books? — Brian H. Edwards 
22. The “Missing” New Testament Books? — Brian H. Edwards 
23. Has the Bible’s Text Been Changed Over the Years?— Dr. Ron Rhodes 
24. Nazca Lines — Defying Evolutionary Ideas? — David Wright 
25. Did Atlantis Exist? What We Can Learn from Bible History— Bodie Hodge 
26. The Authority Test — Christianity or Humanism?— Bodie Hodge 
27. Was Jesus Wrong? Peter Enns Says Yes— Tim Chaffey and Roger Patterson 
28. Were There Really Giants as Described in the Old Testament? — Tim Chaffey 
29. Did the Ten Plagues of Egypt Really Happen? — Steve Fazekas 
30. Spreading the Good News — Roger Patterson 
31. Afterword: Where Do We Draw the Line? — Bodie Hodge

I'd like to thank Master Books for sending me this free copy for review.
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