Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christ and the Desert Tabernacle - Review

I'll admit it.

I've caught myself dozing off while reading the accounts of the building of the tabernacle.

I know everything in the Word of God is profitable, but all of these instructions and details can be a bit tedious and more than a little boring. Thankfully, God has equipped others who have the ability to put everything together for those of us, who don't always see the big picture.

J. V. Fesko has met this need with his book, Christ and the Desert Tabernacle. In this quick volume, he shares the importance of the tabernacle, and it's contents, to the Israelites who experienced it, and what these things mean to and teach us today.

The key point Fesko aims to make is that, "when we read of the tabernacle, we are looking at a shadowy picture of Christ and the church." (p.13) The tabernacle was built to be God's dwelling place among the children of Israel. This looks forward to the present age where Christ dwells within the people of God, the church, and ultimately to the future when we dwell with him in glory.

Fesko explains the significance of the tabernacle and its construction as well as many of the furnishings such as the lampstand and the oil, the altar and the courtyard, the census tax, and much more. So many pictures of Christ and his atoning work are revealed in the texts we often sleep through or simply skip over. You will gain a new appreciation for the tabernacle and the amazing story God has woven through time, all pointing to his Son and and the redemption of his people.

If you have ever found yourself baffled over the meaning and purpose of the wilderness tabernacle, then Christ and the Desert Tabernacle may just be the help you need.

I'd like to thank Cross Focused Reviews for sending me this free copy for review.
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