Monday, September 24, 2012

Pastoring the Pastor - Review

Pastors have it made don't they? They only have to work one day a week, everyone looks up to and respects them, and they easily make friends with everyone. The good life!

Well, I'm pretty sure no one reading this feels this way, but what is it like being a Pastor? What kinds of things do they have to deal with? What are their struggles? What are their hopes? How can we help?

Pastoring the Pastor, is window into the world of pastoral ministry. This clever little book allows us to see the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with the job. The story will grip and pull you, as you begin to see the inner lives of those who aim to faithfully serve their congregations.

The book is unique in that it consists entirely of email correspondences between the various people involved, most of which is between Daniel Donford, a young, but ambitious pastor stepping into his first job, and his older Uncle Eldon, who has a lifetime of ministry behind him. The conversations are brief, as well as sharp at times, but it is through these that we glimpse the inner life and struggles of ministry leaders.

I love this book. While many books are written in the abstract or theoretical plane, this one lives where the rubber meets the road. This is real life. My heart was truly opened to the difficult and multifaceted role pastors play. I was confronted with the often hidden or neglected truth that pastors are people too. They experience life just as we do, only under more scrutiny and with higher expectations.

I highly recommend, Pastoring the Pastor, to Pastors needing to be encouraged and for the congregations who desire to love them more effectively.

I'd like to thank Cross Focused Reviews for sending me this free copy for review.
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