Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Evolution Impossible" 12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain the Origin of Life on Earth

If you repeat something long enough, eventually people will come to believe it.

This pretty much sums up today's unquestioned endorsement of evolutionary theory.

Stop and think for a moment. When Darwin first proposed his ideas they would have seemed, dare I say, crazy. To the masses, the idea of something from nothing and that we all evolved slowly, starting as nearly invisibly small organisms, then building ourselves up through one species at a time towards what we are today, would have seemed ridiculous.

But today, you're crazy if you dare say otherwise. What changed? Well Darwin's ideas never have been novel to me. I was exposed to this line of thought since my earliest science classes. These ideas have continued to be presented without contest to repeated generations. Amazingly, we've come to believe them. But should we?

I find it amazing in our world of questioning everything and finding your own way, this subject is off limits, there can be no debate. What is everyone afraid of?

God. We would rather find comfort in the delusion of evolution, than face the reality of an all-powerful God, to whom we must give account.

Thankfully, there are those who will stand against the tide of popular opinion and seek the truth. Dr. John Ashton is one of these who have dared to question and test the credibility of evolutionary theory. His book Evolution Impossible, is a direct attack on the core beliefs of evolution. He questions the unquestionable, leaving us to question how the world could be so utterly fooled.

Can evolution be true? 

One thing I like about Dr. Ashton's approach, is that rather than just focusing on finding proofs for creationism, he sets out to examine the claims of evolution itself, by meticulously explaining its core issues and beliefs, and then revealing the error of its ways using its same science against them.  As he unfolds the truth, you will begin to see through the hype and assumptions on which the entire theory rests.

Obviously, much of the material is rather technical in nature, but thankfully it is written in such way as to be accessible to most. I recommend this book to everyone. We need to be willing to confront the unsubstantiated claims of evolution, leading people to examine the truth, while proclaiming the God and Savior of all creation.

Here are the twelve reasons why evolution cannot explain the origin of life on Earth that Dr. John Ashton covers in his book. Not being all that scientific myself, these may not seem all that impressive at first, but if you read the book you will easily see just how much they are.

1. Mutations do not produce new purposeful genetic information. 
2. Evolution of a new species as a result of new genetic code arising has never been observed. 
3. There is no proven mechanism that can explain how new purposeful genetic information could arise, and statistically it is impossible. 
4. There is no known proven mechanism that can explain all the steps for a living cell to form from nonliving molecules (abiogenesis), and statistically it is impossible. 
5. Abiogenesis has never been observed and all experiments to initiate it have failed. 
6. The fossil record is a record of extinction of fully formed animals and plants- not a record of the evolution of life forms. 
7. There are no fossils of proven mutant evolutionary intermediate organisms, yet there should be millions and millions of fossils of such mutations. That is, we have no evidence of actual evolution in the fossil record. 
8. Some of the oldest fossil-bearing rocks contain fully developed advanced animals such as trilobites, with no evidence of evolutionary ancestors. 
9. Erosion rates for the continents are too fast for the continents and their fossil content to be old enough for supposed evolution to occur. 
10. There are not enough ocean sediments or volcanic deposits for the continents to be old enough to allow for supposed evolution. 
11. Radiometric dating results give old ages for recent rock, so we cannot accurately "know" the age of rocks. Also, the finding of carbon-14 in coal and diamonds means that these deposits must be less than 100,000 years old, indicating insufficient time for supposed evolution. 
12. The rate of mutation of DNA currently observed suggest that DNA must be less than 100,000 years old, which is not enough time for supposed evolution.

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I'd like to thank Master Books for sending me this free copy for review.
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