Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Answers Book for Teens Vol 2 - Review


Everyone's got them, especially today's teens. They are inundated with secular humanistic philosophies from every side. They may have grown up singing the "B-I-B-L-E" in Sunday school, but now they're not so sure. "Jesus Loves Me," seems like such a kids song and everyone else is telling them something different.

It's not that they want to turn away from everything they were taught, but what can they stand on?

The need answers. They need to know that their faith and beliefs do rest on solid ground. This is what Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell and Ken Ham set out to accomplish when they put together Answers Book for Teens Volume 2 . This book is for those who are confronted with opposing world views, seeking to be assured of the truth.

In 15 chapters they cover topics such as creation and evolution, dealing with the Big Bang, Noah's Ark, cave men, fossils, and missing links. These are some of the biggest issues that teens face today from media and textbooks. Each is briefly explained revealing the facts that support biblical truth and the false arguments used to cause doubt.

The next biggest assault that our young people face is over the bible itself. Time and time again the claim is made that the bible is just a book written by men, full of contradictions, and mythology. Thankfully, these guys set the record straight on the inspiration and veracity of the Word of God.

Another area of concern today, has to do with ethical issues. What about abortion? Or Cloning? Does the bible speak on these matters? How should a Christian view these issues? Each of these are explored, seeking to further understand scripture's stance on each.

Chapter 14 is a little different. Here you will find wise counsel on the matter of choosing and attending a college. This is not a matter to be taken lightly. What will I be exposed to? What am I prepared to face? Many young adults have faltered in their faith under the influence of society's secular beliefs. This chapter explains what to look for, and what questions to ask.

The books ends with probably the most important issue of all, "Am I really saved?" It is a call to examine yourself, to see if your faith is real or are you just going through the motions? For those teens who grew up being drug to church each Sunday, this is one question they need to be asking themselves. It can be so easy to just blend in, to just live as you always have, but is that enough? Have you placed your faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins? This is one question you have to answer for yourself.

Overall Answers Book for Teens Volume 2  is very helpful. The topics are relevant and the concise answers provide a platform for evaluating the claims of both sides. The short chapters are easy to read, and for the teen who just needs some reassurance of the truth of their faith, this may be just what they need.

I'd like to thank Master Books for sending me this free copy for review.

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