Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mormon Booth at the County Fair

It was opening day at the county fair and the family and I were there. My oldest son, Titus, is showing an alpaca this year, so this morning we were there for the drop off. Later in the afternoon we took part in the opening ceremony with the Cub Scouts which we are all involved in. With those things out of the way we were off to explore and try out the rides.

When the sun gets too hot, we head into one of the buildings to cool off and check out all of the booths and displays. One in particular always gets me, the Mormon booth. Today it was staffed with two polite young ladies who were offering pamphlets and DVD's about Jesus Christ. My kids hearing DVD and Jesus thought this was awesome. I love their enthusiasm! But I always struggle with how to respond.

Here they are trying to share the faith they believe to be true, desiring to reach out and help others. There I am knowing that they are are preaching a false gospel of a false messiah. I ache with the thought of others being mislead into this dangerous cult. I mourn for those girls who are deceived into the lies they believe. How I long for Christ to be exalted in soul saving truth, proclaimed as the eternal Son of God, for the veil to be lifted that all may see Jesus!

So what did I do? I responded to the offer of a DVD with a polite, "No, thank you," as we wrangled the kids towards the next booth.

Evangelism Fail?

Most definitely.

How should we respond in this situation? They have rented a booth for the purpose of sharing their Mormon faith, and I happen to be a passer-by. Should I engage these two ladies with theological argumentation? Should I warn others of the danger of their wares? Is this the place for confrontation? Should I call down fire from Heaven? (Ok, I'm getting carried away.)

What would you do? How would you handle this situation?
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