Monday, July 30, 2012

Careful What You Wish For...and The Demise of Gay Marriage

The tragic reality in the push for gay marriage is that in the end, they will ultimately be rewarded with gay divorce. Sure, at first many will wed because they can, but once the community experiences the rampant and devastating consequences of divorce, most will simply return to, "just living together," just as so many heterosexuals have been doing for years. They will have won a right, that in time, most will "learn" to avoid.

I know that this is a rather bleak outlook on marriage, but knowing humanity's fallen nature and the failure rate of heterosexual marriage, what leads homosexuals to believe that they will fare any better?

When looked at from this angle it only reinforces my belief that the gay marriage push is simply an attempt to legitimize sin. They protest that marriage is not about God or religion, yet it is precisely these two that they are seeking to convince.

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