Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Gay Christianity" and the Extreme Scripture Twisting of Matthew Vines

I've been listening to a recording by James White, on his refutation of a pro-homosexual presentation given by Matthew Vines. I have found it to be very insightful!

Matthew Vines, who considers himself a gay Christian, argues that, well basically the entire history of Christianity has been mistaken in its condemnation of homosexuality, especially in regards to gay marriage, and now he is trying to set the record straight. How thoughtful of him!

White does an amazing job refuting Vines' argumentation and exposing the errors and misrepresentations used in seeking to overthrow the clear teaching of scripture on this matter. Those who wish to steer the interpretation of scripture towards outcomes which coincide with their personal agendas, utilize many tricks and slight of hand, to deceive those who aren't prepared or learned in the truth. White points out many of these, which will enable the listener to spot their use in this, and many other debates seeking to circumvent or blatantly deny scripture.

I recommend this resource not only for its clear and biblical refutation of  "gay Christianity", but also for the opportunity to learn from White's example on how to listen to and examine the claims of any  "biblical" presentation.

You can download the mp3 for free from the Alpha and Omega website here, and you can also read the transcript or even watch Matthew Vines presentation on his tumblr blog here.

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