Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Enemy's Playbook

We all struggle in in our Christian walk. The process of sanctification is one that continues on and on, bit by bit. Along the way we have all been deceived into one sin or another, or mislead down a path we had no business following. Wouldn't have be great to have had a heads up on the tactics the enemy employs to distract and destroy us on our way? To be able to recognize the potential dangers in places we may have never thought to beware.

Well I feel as though I have just had the great fortune to have listened in on the enemy's very own playbook. I've caught a glimpse of the schemes and inner workings of those who would love nothing more than to enslave every man, woman, and child in the eternal chains of Hell. They rest neither day or night in their quest to make victims of us all.

OK, before you think I've lost my mind, I'll let you know what I'm talking about. I've just finished listening to the audiobook of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. This is a must read/listen for everyone. The book consists of letters written by Screwtape, a senior demon, in charge of mentoring his pupil by the name of Wormwood. In these, Screwtape gives advice and guidance to his rookie, demon in-training, concerning the best tactics for leading his patient astray.

The responses are eye opening! Screwtape tells of all the subtle ways in which he can veer his patient off course. What I found most interesting, was the ability of what is normally considered a "good" thing, can be twisted or misused in such a way as to lead men away from Christ. "Does he attend a church? No bother. Lead him to believe that it is only his church that saves. Does he champion for social justice? Have that be how he defines his religion. Does it seem easy for him to obey and live the Christian life? Encourage him to believe that it is on account of his supreme will and intellect. Cultivate in him a sense of spiritual pride." So much danger at every turn, and I have been so foolishly unaware.

If any of these intrigues you, be sure to pick up the The Screwtape Letters: How a Senior Devil Instructs a Junior Devil in the Art of Temptation. You won't be disappointed. The audio version I purchased through is also very well done. The reader perfectly captures Screwtape's sarcastic wit.
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