Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Vol. 2

Skeptics. You got to love'em. You try and proclaim the kingdom of God to them, and what do they do? They begin pitching details and trivia, doing all they can to discredit the Bible and our faith in God. You present the reality of a Heavenly Creator and our hope of living eternally with him, and they counter with, "The Bible is full of contradictions. Did the rooster crow once our twice when Peter denied Jesus? "

Talk about straining a gnat and swallowing a camel!

But their questioning isn't a bad thing is it? Is our Bible the infallible guide we claim it to be? Should we be scared of their accusations?

Thankfully the Word of God has withstood every assault and proven itself reliable time and again. When we think we may have encountered a mistake, it is only we who are mistaken. With a little research and prayer many of these supposed contradictions can be resolved in short order. To help us in this endeavor, we have valuable resources such as Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2, to set the record straight.

This book lays out forty alleged contradictions that atheist and skeptics often use in an attempt to cause us to doubt the Bible's veracity. I found most of these to be so easily explained that I thought it amazing that some people read the bible with such bias against it that they are unable to see even the simplest of truths. It's as if they have no ears to hear!

So why do we need these types of books? Because unfortunately not all of these supposed contradictions are so easily answered. That's where the knowledge and research of godly scholars comes in. Tim Chaffey, Ken Ham, and Bodie Hodge put in the leg work, so that we can be prepared to give an honest defense of the faith. Knowledge such as cultural context, Greek verb tenses, or Middle Eastern geology, can often shed light on what seems dark to modern believers. Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 is the culmination of intense study that most of us simply do not have the time to dedicate ourselves to.

I read through this the first time realizing that this book would be most useful as a handy quick reference tool when helping others, or ourselves, when facing difficulties in God's Word. If you're one who frequently finds themselves in the midst of these types of conversations, or just want to explore these issues in more depth, then this just might be the book for you. Everything is written clearly and concisely so that no matter where you may happen to be in your walk, you should find the information accessible.

I'd like to thank Master Books for sending me this free copy for review as part of their Bible Defenders Review Team.
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  1. It really is a great thing to be challenged to dig into our faith and prove it. We often end up strengthened in our own faith in Jesus as we set out to prove Him and His Word to others. Love that! Great review!


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