Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Kindle Fire

My wife and kids along with my mom and mother-in-law,(Thank You) bought me a Kindle Fire. I've got to say it is pretty sweet.

E-books are the future, well actually the present, so I have been thinking of getting a reader for awhile. I had been using the kindle app on my phone, but having only a four inch screen  it can be a bit cramped. The Fire with its seven inch screen is much nicer. The display is beautiful with the only drawback being, the amount of glare in bright light. No problem, I've ordered an anti-glare screen protector which should remedy the situation.

The tablet is surprisingly heavy. Not unbearable, just more than I expected. On the plus side it does have a very solid feel to it.

Response is quick with only minimal lag. Overall it performs very well.

Amazon built the Fire to tie into all of its products and services. They wanted to make it as easy as possible to direct your money back to them. This isn't a bad thing. I would buy most of my books and apps through them anyway. But this leaves us a lack of Google services, such as the market, gmail, reader, calendar, docs, and other apps that have come to be indispensable to Android fans.

Thankfully, since the Fire is based off of Gingerbread Android, rooting and hacking is to be expected. I honestly like the way the stock Fire performs, so rather than going for a full out ICS ROM, I went with a stock base simply rooted and equipped with all of the Google goodness.

One feature missing from the kindle fire that I hadn't thought I had grown so accustomed to, is the haptic feedback. Having a vibration when you touch the screen helps a lot when typing on a touchscreen keyboard. It works great on my Samsung Captivate. Amazon should consider adding it into the next generation of Fire.

If you're looking for a nice tablet for reading and surfing, the Kindle Fire may be what you need. At $199 it is less than an ipad and at seven inches it's definitely more portable.
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