Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch Me! Discipleship

Talk about a discipleship strategy!
Do you ever say to a young Christian, 'Do you want to know what Christianity is like? Watch me!' If you never do you are unbiblical. 
From The Resurrection to His Return: Living Faithfully in the last days by Don Carson

Watch me!
I shudder to even say it.

Yet isn't it odd, that even though we know that our lives are naked before the Lord and Judge of all the Earth, we are more intimidated by the thought of being seen by another human? Who do we think we are fooling? Yet this rebuke brings such fear. We know we should always live as though someone is watching our every move. We know that he is. Here Carson was speaking in the context of being a mentor for younger Christians, for their benefit. I'm struck by how life changing this arrangement would be for me.

So tell me, How many of you would be comfortable offering yourselves as the poster child of Christianity?
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