Friday, January 6, 2012

I wouldn't have done that!

Photo: Paul Sakuma / AP
I'm not much of a sports guy, but I'm surrounded by many who are. Passionate sports guys (and girls : -) These people don't just watch the game, they live and die right along side each player and pass. One thing I've learned is that the best decisions are made in the recliner and not on the field.

"What were they thinking?"
"Now why didn't he run the ball?!"
"He was wide open!"

Obviously, there is a big difference between watching an event take place and that of actually being in it. In the relaxed comfort of our living rooms, along with the camera's birds eye view, we may be able to spot each little mistake, but the view from the field is another story. That quarter-back is surrounded by a flurry of activity, while trying to focus on making the play, all the while distracted by the fact that a line full of men share a single goal of pummeling him to the ground. There is quite a bit of difference between these points of view.

Most of us will concede to this fact while judging a player's performance on the field, but when it comes to a brother or sister's performance in their Christian walk, we often aren't as accommodating. It is so easy to look upon another's situation and condemn or criticize their every move.

"How could they be so misled?"
"Is his faith that small?"
"I wouldn't have given in that easily!"

See the parallel? Watching from the distance, safely outside of the danger zone, we condemn their actions and boast of what we would have done had we been in their shoes.

Oh, how we think too much of ourselves!

We must be careful  in proclaiming how we would succeed where others have failed. In doing so we forget the truth that we can do nothing on our own, and that is only through God's Sovereign Grace and Power that any of us can withstand in the day of trial. One thing is certain though, one day our trial will come, and only then will we truly know the actions we would take.

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