Monday, December 12, 2011

What The Bible Means to Me - Book Review

What the Bible means to me?

It is a question each of us must answer for ourselves. Within it lies our view of God and man, life and death, and Heaven and Hell. It will not only direct our course in this world, but on into the next as well.

Catherine Mackenzie seeks to find this elusive answer by proposing the question to 44 people of varying backgrounds and ages and presenting their thoughts to us in her book, What The Bible Means To Me. The stories are as varied as the people petitioned, yet there are common themes present in all.

The most prevalent would be the belief that the Word of God, actually contains the very Words of God. The divine inspiration of scripture, allows us to read the Bible knowing it can be our final authority on faith and practice. That in it, God not only reveals himself to us, but also reveals to us who we are.

The testimonies of these saints are both inspiring and encouraging. Their passion for God's word only drives me to want to be in the word more myself. Many grew up in homes where the Bible was read and revered, marking the beginning of their love for God, and yet for others this love did not flame until later in life. Often they found the life saving truth of these words only after facing hardships and trials. It was in these times that they learned that this word could be trusted and that the God behind them looked on them with love. When they surrendered their lives to their Savior they then in turn submitted to his word.

What The Bible Means To Me, is a quick and encouraging read. It comes as a fresh reminder of the importance of God's Word and it's influence upon the lives of those who read and obey.

I'd like to thank Christian Focus Publications for this free review copy.
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