Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scrollable Widget for the Android Google Reader App

I love Google Reader. I subscribe to a ridiculous number of blogs. If I happen upon something that looks interesting, rather than simply bookmarking the site I just go ahead and subscribe to its feed. I never miss anything and I can access it from any computer or device.

My only beef with the official Google Reader Android app is its lack of a good widget. The two that come with it leave alot to be desired. So I started searching for a widget or news app compatible with Google Reader accounts. There are many scrollable widgets in the market that can receive and display the post headlines, but when clicked most open the item in the widget's own app or in a web browser. I wanted the items to open in the Google Reader app.

I had all but given up till I found APW Google Reader. I does exactly what I want. It shows my feed on a scrolling widget and opens items in the Google Reader app. If your an avid Google Reader user hit the link and download from the market, and best of all it's free!

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