Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cure for the Common Life

 Cure for the Common Life
There can be nothing as depressing as feeling as though your life serves no purpose. That you don't fit in. That your existence is of no value to God and others. How we wish that we knew what we should do, and that we had a passion to do it. We spend most our lives maybe doing one or the other, but seldom do we experience the joy of knowing both. This fact is revealed in our sullen attitudes. Well if your one of the many who are languishing in this affliction or are just starting out in this life, this is the book for you.

This is Max Lucado doing what he does best, telling stories, providing encouragement, and leading us closer to God. In Cure for the Common Life, Max explains how we can discover and live with in our sweet spot. What's a sweet spot? It is where we can utilize our unique gifts and strengths to glorify God in everything we do. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Realizing that God has created us each of us with our own unique combination of strengths and characteristics, Max invites us to explore what ours may be. Looking back, identify things that you have not only enjoyed doing, but have also done well. By examining these instances you can begin to put together what you were designed to do, where you should do it, and how it can bring glory to God.

As with most of his books, much of it is comprised of stories. Max has the amazing ability to teach through his stories, allowing the reader to see clearly what may have been lost if it were just written as a list of facts or instructions. He gives many encouraging and revealing examples of others discovering their uniqueness and then directing them to their sweet spot. Truly, this book is a joy to read.

I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me this free copy for review, and would like to recommend this book to everyone who is searching for their sweet spot.
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