Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Serendipity VII - Gingerbread - Samsung Captivate

**UPDATE**  At the end of post. 6/10/2011

I had just flashed my first ROM, Serendipity 6.4, only about a week before, but who could resist a chance to try out gingerbread on the cappy?

I've been running Serendipity VII for a few days now and everything seems to be working nicely. Overall the phone seems to be working quicker and smoother than it had stock or with 2.2, Serendipity. My reception is strong, battery life is exceptional, just as it has been all along, and I've only encountered a few bugs.

The camera is modified to take pictures by pressing the power button, which it does, but it also pops up the shutdown menu as well. This is just a minor glitch, seeing that the ability to use the screen controls to take pictures as it was with the stock camera, still works as before.

The other problem I've had, is that on occasions of heavy use, mostly when switching between multiple apps, or when my kids are playing for extended amounts of time on Plants vs Zombies, the phone will become non responsive or simply reboot. This has only happened a few times, so as worrisome as this situation could be, it hasn't proven to be that big of a deal... yet.

I've also noticed that when leaving the phone plugged in for long periods of time, like overnight, it seems as though when the battery reaches 100 percent it must stop charging and begin to run off of the battery. The battery meter reads 100 plugged in, but drops as soon as it is unplugged. Just something to be aware of.

I was a little nervous going from froyo to gingerbread, after hearing about the possibility of bricking your phone if something goes wrong while flashing the gingerbread bootloader. I just followed the directions exactly as written and everything went fine. I also have been keeping up with the ever growing XDA thread for this ROM. A few people are experiencing problems but most seem to be getting along nicely.

I'm using ADW Launcher with y0rk's black theme and Simple Text app to create the text icons I used on the home screen dock.

It seems a Bluedipity theme has just been released for Serendipity 7. I'll have to check that out.

So, what are you running?


I recently flashed the latest kernel Build#3 and it is even quicker than the last.

Build 2 of Serendipity VII is out and ready to go. It's only a few minor changes, but worth the time.

I flashed Bluedipity, can't get enough of the blue! Looks great! There is an update to go along with the new Serendipity build so get that too while you're at it.

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