Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kids, Evolution, and Dinosaur Poop!

So when did dinosaurs get feathers? Yes, I've heard the theories about them all turning into birds, but I didn't realize how far they had taken it. I just watched Waking the T.Rex 3D: The Story of SUE, at COSI today. The 3D was a real treat. There were a few times I thought it may be a bit much for younger kids though. While watching a T-Rex tear hunks of flesh off of another dinosaur in realistic 3D, is awesome to me, it could be a little shocking to others. But I digress.

What got me, is that they now think that the young T-Rex had feathers to help keep them warm. Feathers?! Is there any evidence of this? I guess it just helps in supporting their theories. Which leads me to my next point, question, observation, or whatever.

How do you deal with the issue of evolution with your children? My kids go to a Christian school, so while evolution is presented, creation is taught as truth. But then when I'm reading to them from a dinosaur book or we go someplace such as COSI, where evolution is the accepted "fact", how should I handle it? Part of me wants to just shield them from it, to block it out so that it doesn't corrupt their impressionable young minds, but I know that isn't possible.

It's sort of like Santa Claus. We don't celebrate his contribution to secular Christmas festivities, but we realize that they will experience his presence during the holiday regardless. We simply tell them the truth, that he is just a myth, and that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. This works well for them, though our extended families can sometimes be a little irritated with our "fanatic" decisions.

So I guess we should handle evolution the same way. Teach them what evolutionist believe, but that we believe in creation.

Now don't think I'm dogmatic about creation beliefs. While I personally believe in a young earth, six day creation, I don't believe that one's salvation is dependent upon it. Repentance and faith in the risen Lord Jesus, for the forgiveness of sin, and the promise of eternal life, doesn't require a specific creation belief. While I would think that any one who professed faith in Christ, would believe that everything was created by God, I don't feel this would necessarily include any particular timeline or age requirement. Just saying.

If you get a chance, go ahead and visit the exhibit. The movie was good and animatronic dinosaurs are always a hit. Just beware of the gift shop. It is amazing the crap they try and sell you. No seriously, it's dinosaur poop. It says so on the bag.
You know you want some!
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