Thursday, June 9, 2011

Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess

 Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess

Warning: Some of you will laugh at this book realizing where you have come from, and some of you will burn it having never left.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your kids will think when they look back on their childhood? In particular, their view of your "Christianity" and the Church you raised them in. Kind of scary isn't it? 

Well this book may just make you all the more anxious. Matthew Turner takes us on a meandering stroll through his childhood and the influence faith and church has had on his life, in his book "Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess." Growing up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and its Christian School, he shares with us the "normal" life of child raised within its walls and teachings.

He humorously, and sometimes disturbingly, tells of the events and people who stand out in his memory. Whether it is his standing on the pew cheering for his Pastor as he boxes with Satan (complete with red suit and red horned mask), or his fervent prayer that the second coming wouldn't come before he lost his virginity (after marriage of course), he speaks of everything with honesty and amusement. 

Churched is Matthew working through his past, while searching for his future. Though it all, his faith and love for Jesus is certain, it is his place within the Christian community that he struggles with. Where does he now fit in, since leaving a place where fitting in was the defining characteristic? Many have found that there is a strange comfort in legalism, when you fear the uncertainty of freedom. He willingly shares his fears, as we journey along side his quest for belonging.

Churched is fast paced, humorous, and delightful to read. If you grew up in a church like his, or attend one now, you will see yourself and many of those around you within these pages.

I'd like to thank WaterBrook Press for sending me this free copy for review.

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