Saturday, May 7, 2011

The True Beasts of the Zoo

Of all the places the awesome power of God should show forth, the zoo should rank near the top. Think of it, a place where you can witness the diversity of life he has created to inhabit the earth. From the polar bears of the arctic, to the brilliantly colored birds of the rain forest, our God has created a world where we can stand and admire the beauty and majesty of his handiwork.(Psalm 8:3)

But sadly, it seems as though God is snubbed by our zoo keepers. Rather than glorying in the individual care and attention afforded to each one of his beloved creatures, they have chosen to proclaim this wonder as merely the result of time and chance.(Romans 1:20-21) They refuse to acknowledge the Maker of this world and choose rather to believe it has sprung forth of its own self. They pass over the story of love written in creation, denying the Creator and worshiping the creature.(Romans 1:25) But what comfort can come from trusting in "the survival of the fittest?" What if your not the strongest? To lessen their fears they apply the names "Mother Nature" and "Father Time," as if these names can be called upon in their time of need.(Psalm 50:15)

But isn't this what these same people often say of themselves? Self made men they are. Pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, they have labored towards their own destinies, owing nothing to any man or God. They have recreated the world in their own image, without need of God.(Romans 1:22)

How easily we deceive ourselves. How tragic the result will be. Denying themselves the comfort of a Heavenly Father and the hope of eternal life, they cover their eyes to truth and look only to themselves. These are the true beasts of the zoo. The animals are not offended by their dependence on God.

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  1. It truly is a shame that some people can't understand that there is a Creator by looking at creation. I look around and marvel at the wide variety God provides us. Our God is truly an Awesome God!


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