Friday, May 13, 2011

Reading the Bible all Wrong

My oldest son Titus, showing Dad how it's done.

So, how are you doing on this year's bible reading plan? Up to date or falling behind?

I'm hanging in there. I have encountered one difficulty though. I know for it to be done correctly, each day's reading should be read, (wait for it) each day. I tend to let it go a few days at a time (hey, I'm busy) and then try to catch up all at once. I know. The problem isn't the schedule it's me keeping it, but here's what I run into with this approach. I then get so intent on catching up, I rush to get through it all. This in turn defeats the whole purpose behind reading the Bible in the first place.

What do I gain in reading for the sake of finishing?

I end up making an idol of the schedule, while neglecting the scripture.

So, who should I blame, the schedule or my lack of discipline?
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