Tuesday, May 3, 2011

iPhone Theology App

Credo House Ministries has taken  their excellent Theology Program and placed it all on an iPhone App. For a mere $6.99 you get:

1. All 60 Video sessions covering our 6 courses (Introduction to Theology; Bibliology & Hermeneutics; Trinitarianism; Soteriology; Humanity & Sin; Ecclesiology & Eschatology)
2. More than 2,000 powerpoint slides that can be flipped through while watching the videos.
3. All 6 Workbooks. More than 1,200 pages of workbooks that can be flipped through while also watching the videos and slides.
4. A "More" section with updating articles that add to your learning experience.
This is an incredible deal. If I had an iPhone I would have this already, but I'll have to wait till summer for the Android release.

Learn more about the Theology App
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