Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harold Campings Followers on May 22, - If the World Doesn't End

Here is a snippet of a post by James White discussing the May 21, end of the world prediction. We must be in prayer for those who have been deceived. Pray that their hearts are broken and not hardened.
Can you imagine what it will be like for Campingites around the world a week from today? Listening to the news, waiting to hear about earthquakes at 6pm all around the world? Maybe saying goodbye to loved ones? Giving away personal items, all the time, wondering…. 
I listened to two NPR reports on Camping's prophecy today, and it was truly disheartening to listen to these folks. One lady had been about to enroll in medical college, but did not, so that she could warn people about "Judgment Day." Another man had left wife and children behind, as they did not "believe." A couple, the woman expecting their second child in June, were interviewed. They had given up everything, and had just enough money to make it till May 21. After that…well, they will be destitute. The New York Post just reported on a man who squandered his $140,000 life's savings to buy advertisements in the New York area promoting the May 21 prophecy. Can you imagine the chuckles of all those going to work on Monday the 23rd as they pass those advertisements? Thanks, Mr. Camping...
So once again, many thanks, Harold Camping. You will once again make the Bible, the Gospel, and the cross, a mockery, all because of your insatiable pride and arrogance. This time, the Lord allowed you to fall into more rank heresy in the process, but still, you say enough "right things" to bring mockery and disrepute upon all who hold the Bible to be the Word of God. Your followers will stand to condemn you on judgment day, to be sure, but more importantly, God well knows how many of us have tried to reason with you, tried to show you the error of your ways. You refused, and now the time is coming for judgment indeed. May 21st is judgment day after all: for Harold Camping, for Family Radio, and for all who have followed Camping into heresy and error.
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