Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enter to Win - The Joseph Road Book Giveaway

The Joseph Road: Choices That Determine Your Destiny

I've been reviewing books for awhile here at Living Hope and my bookshelf is getting full, so I'm holding my first book giveaway. I've looked through my list of reviews and have decided to go with one of my first and favorite books, The Joseph Road by Jerry White.

What's The Joseph Road about? You can read my review here, and what the The Joseph Road has taught me on My Road.

Here's How to Win

Simply fill out the form below with your e-mail address to enter. You're email will only be used for this contest and to contact the winner.

You can gain up to four additional entries by subscribing to my RSS feed, following Living Hope on Facebook, following me on twitter, and by sharing this post on Facebook, twitter, blog post, or simply telling the guy beside you. Just check the appropriate boxes to let me know.

Last day to enter is May 21, 2011

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