Monday, April 18, 2011

Max On Life - Your Questions, His Answers

Max On Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions


We've all got them. Some more than others, but we all want answers.

2. Some days I doubt God. I doubt his goodness, his nearness- and that he even exists. When I doubt him does he leave me?

32. I just spent the afternoon at the hospital bedside of a dear friend. She just gave birth, and her baby was born with one foot. What purpose does this serve? How can a good God permit such deformities?

64. I've asked God to heal me from cancer. He healed my friend from cancer, but so far he hasn't helped me. My friend says I should pray with more faith. Is she right?

These are just three of the one hundred and seventy-two questions, Max Lucado gently, lovingly, and biblically, answers in his latest book "Max on Life."

Everyone needs a Max in their life; a person with biblical wisdom, a loving heart, and years of experience in walking with God. We need them when life gets crazy, dreams get shattered, tragedy strikes, or all hope seems lost. We need to be able to expose ourselves without fear of rejection or condemnation. We need them to set us straight, but not without loving us.

When our problem is nothing more than a matter of focus. Max redirects our attention off of ourselves, and affixes it to our great God. Sometimes we need to be told the hard truth. Max doesn't shy away from what needs said, yet does so with grace and love. Scripture commands us to weep with those who weep.(Romans 12:15) You can hear his own heart breaking, and partaking in your grief, while he reassures you of God's goodness and sovereignty. This book isn't a list of cold, textbook answers. The author's aim is to minister to needs, not to simply hand out facts.

Max Lucado's insights into the issues and experience in ministry, allow this book to be one that I can whole-heartedly recommend. Not only will it minister to your needs, but it will also allow you to minister to the needs of others.

I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me this free copy for review as part of their BookSneeze program.
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