Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Prayer - 23 March 2011

I sat down desiring to write, and yet of what I intended to say I was uncertain. I only knew that my heart was crying out, and not towards any, but God alone. So I decided to write out my prayer.

My Father,
Who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy name,
How can I even approach you?
For you are holy and pure and dwell in unapproachable light.
How can I be worthy to even speak to you?
Why would you hear one as weak as I?

But Oh Lord, I know you do hear me, for you purchased me with the blood of your own Son. I am yours. This knowledge is too great for me. Why would you choose to adopt me as your son, at so great a price? Truly, you are a God of grace and love, forgiving, and full of loving kindness.

Forgive me. For I know all these things you have done on my behalf, and yet how do I repay? How do I show you thanks? I fail you miserably and yet still you love. My only comfort, can be found in the knowledge that I am not holding on to you, but that you are holding me. Thank you Father. Hold me ever so tight.

Lord make my paths straight before me. Guide my steps in accordance to your will. Let me not wonder after the foolishness of my eyes. So often the way seems dark and hidden; I fear to trust in myself. Show me your way Oh God! Leave me not unto my own thoughts.

Daily, I am aware of my need, yet so often I do not ask of you. How distracted life is with things, and how foolishly I heed them. Restrain my madness. Hedge me in that I may not regard vanity and chase after lies. May I seek only that which is true, and all truth is yours. May I ever be in prayer before you.

Lord make your servant like unto thy Son. Give me unending love for righteousness and hatred towards every sinful way. I want to love, what you love, and hate, that which you hate; for my will to be swallowed up in yours, and my life to be lived as though it were not my own. Oh that this flesh would praise you, that this life would not offend you.

Good and Gracious God, even as I pray, I know that these words will no longer leave my mouth, and I will transgress thy great commandment. To Love you with all my heart and soul and strength and mind; who can do this? Not for a minute will I ever succeed. This is too much and your servant will fail, yet you have not left me without hope. Your grace is amazing and your forgiveness is sweet; though I fall, I will not be cast down, and your mercy will save. For you have clothed me in the righteousness of your Son Jesus, my Savior. His obedience is now counted as mine and my sins have been paid all by him. Lord, your salvation is great and words do no justice in describing its merciful love. You have cleansed me and I am clean. You have loved me and I am loved. You sustain me and I live. You keep me and I am sure. All glory and honor belong to you my God and my King.

Regard this prayer my God, as the pleading of my heart,
And bless me I pray, in the name of my Savior
Jesus Christ.
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