Monday, March 28, 2011

A Family Fun Day Destination: Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Last Saturday, some of our Cub Scout Tiger den visited Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Ohio.We specifically went there for our cubs to earn a conservation badge. We had a one hour program teaching them about conservation and wildlife complete with a trip through the zoo. They also got to make animal track castings and a pine cone bird feeder. The teacher was excellent. Dealing with first graders isn't always easy, but she handled everything with grace. I'm so thankful for the wonderful job she did.

Afterwards, we explored the rest of the facilities. The kids loved the play area, especially the water table. A big open table with water and sprinklers and jets that you could connect pipes to, and flow water through; Yeah, the only thing that could have made this more appealing to the boys is if it was filled with mud instead of water.

The main feature was an electric show. The had a stage set up with all kinds of demonstrations that that the kids could participate in. Dangerous and cool.

One activity area that my boys really liked was a pizza shop/grocery store. The youngest loved making pizzas while the older two liked to shop and pretend to check out groceries. (Which is odd since they hate to be dragged through Walmart :(

There were many more areas to explore and investigate, all of which you can check out on their website. I think it would be safe to say that we will be making this a regular destination from now on.
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