Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Much Information

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how distracted life can be. It seems there are a multitude of things that I can do instead of what I should be doing. Between the web, facebook, and twitter, how can we get anything done? Do these things fill a need for information, or do they simply create a desire to seek more? I never worried much about what others were doing, but now I need to keep "logged in" so I don't miss anything. How much time is wasted keeping up with nothing?

What really gets me, is when I look at what some of the greats accomplished with so little. Look at Spurgeon, Calvin, Owens, and Edwards, just to name a few. These men didn't write books, they wrote volumes! They didn't have computers, internet, or even Google. Yet they left a legacy of material to be cherished for many generations to come.

How did they do it? I won't deny that these men were especially gifted by God, but I think there is something we can gleam from their accomplishments in their times. These men didn't sit on the couch channel surfing for hours on end. They didn't have to stop writing to answer the phone or check their e-mail. They weren't obsessed with the latest tweets or who changed their profile pic. They didn't engage in lengthy conversations over Lady Gaga's latest costume or whether Brad and Jenifer were ever going to get back together. In short, they could redeem the time.

Just think how much time they devoted to the Word and prayer. They had prayer lives. We think we are are doing good when we have schedule prayer times. Imagine how they could dive into the word savoring every verse, seeking it's fullest meaning, examining every application. We settle for five minute devotionals, written by our favorite pastors, who list the meanings and applications for us.

We settle for rags, while God offers us riches.

At times it seems as though all of these "advances" are keeping us in bondage rather than setting us free. I can remember when I first started my walk with Christ I was so content to just sit and read my bible. Prayer and scripture, that's all I needed. Now I have to read all the latest posts on my Google Reader, tweets, and status updates. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good information out there, and it truly is a blessing. The danger is what we can lose in the overload. How much do we need to know?
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