Thursday, February 10, 2011

Notable Clicks: Urine, Rich Provisions, Sons of God in Genesis 6, and Blogger Burnout

Urine - I can smell a good illustration a mile a way and this one reeks ranks as one of the best. Seriously, this is a must read. C Micheal Patton covers Lordship Salvation, repentance, potty training, and sanctification, all in one excellent post. Here's a whiff to get you started.

The smell of urine is not unlike the conviction brought about by the Holy Spirit. The ability to recognize and hate sin is not unlike the ability to recognize and hate having urine soaked in your clothes. When a person comes to Christ, they smell their own stench of sin for the first time. However, they truly don’t know what to do about it but call out for help. Repentance for sin may or may not produce immediate change or commitment. It is simply a dramatic recognition of the problem and our inability to remedy it. We come before God soaked in our urine and ask for mercy....
This does not mean that we no longer smell. It does not mean that we present before him our clean clothes. It does not mean that we turn from our sins if we mean by that we stop sinning. That is impossible. We call on God to forgive us for our stench. Implied in that call is the first seed of what will be an ever-growing desire to smell no more.

Rich provisions and two sons: a parable  - Dan Phillips writes a very interesting parable over at Pyromaniacs.
He deals with the idea of continued prophecy. A subject that causes much controversy today.
Question: Which son honored his father?

Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?  - Many people have pondered over this one. The two most      common scenarios are that they are angels or the godly line of Seth. This article presents a third explanation.

Excerpt In Genesis 6:1–8 we read about some persons who may be a pre-Flood link between the Bible and the cultures of the ancient Near East. They are the “sons of the gods.” The Biblical reference to them should have some relationship with historical fact. If so, we should be able to lift these early chapters of Genesis out of what may be to some a foggy mysticism, and make connections with extra-Biblical historical accounts.

Preventing Blogging Burnout  -  Head over to New Leaven and learn some great tips to ease your blogging mind.

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