Thursday, February 24, 2011

God the Ego-Maniac?

You know you've heard this one before. "Why would God create us and then force us to worship him, sending all who refuse to Hell? Why should I love a god who only loves himself?"

So how should we respond to this? Is God an ego-maniac?

C Micheal Patton gives his answer on his post Questions I Hope No One Asks: Is God an Egotistical Maniac?  

Here is a taste.
Is it egotistical for the ocean to roar. Is it egotistical for the sun to shine so bright. Is it egotistical for romantic love to make our hearts drop? Is it egotistical for chocolate to make our mouth water? Is it egotistical for the expanse of the universe to cause us to stand in awe? Is it egotistical for sex to feel good? Is it egotistical for music to effect our emotions? Is it egotistical for the sky to be blue? Yes, all of these are attributes of impersonal things. But they all call out for recognition nonetheless. This recognition brings fulfillment to us, not to the things themselves. When we see a personal God who not only created all these things that beacon us to joyful recognition but is also the very embodiment of them calling on us to glorify him, he is doing nothing else but what is expected from a loving God. He is calling us to recognize him and his beauty. In doing so, we experience the greatest pleasure existence has to offer. His call for us to recognize him is nothing other than a call for our own ultimate fulfillment.

Take the time to click through and read the whole thing. This is a question (or accusation) that is often brought up when someone is resisting the gospel.We must be prepared to give them a God honoring, biblical answer.
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