Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Following Our Circle of Friends More Than Christ

Erik Raymond wrote an excellent post over at his site Ordinary Pastor. When we come together to worship Christ, who are we worshiping with. The New Testament repeatedly proclaims the breakdown of social, economical, and national, boundaries when it comes to our new identities in Christ through the gospel. Erik points out the fact that many of us have built those walls back up.
We like people that look like us, act like us, like what we like, and are similar to us; however, the Christian life is just not that neat. The point of the gospel is not to unite people according to the flesh, but rather to unite people in Jesus Christ. If I am a cliquey person then I am enjoying exclusive relationships with folks while also excluding others whom Christ has brought together. I have just unwittingly undermined a major aspect of what Christ has bought in and through his gospel! I have promoted my personal preferences to a position of supremacy and put the gospel in position of submission. This should not be.
Read the rest here.
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