Friday, January 7, 2011

Notable Clicks

I'm starting a new feature here at Living Hope, Notable Clicks. I'll use these posts to share links to things I've found of interest here on the world wide web.

First up is a great post by a former Jehovah's Witness. In it he shares how he was saved from religion by faith in Jesus Christ. He gives an excellent presentation of the gospel and how it is so much more glorious than anything man can create.
It has been said often, but it deserves repetition: there are only two types of belief systems in the world, those that say “Do” and the other that says “Done”. Those that trust in their own works say “do”. “Do this and this and don't do this and this”. This is what I will call religion. But that's not the belief system the Bible holds out. The Bible says that it's not about what we “do” but about what he has done. We don't trust in our own works, but we trust in the merits and work of another done in our behalf. This is the essence of the Gospel. This is the message that changed my life.
   Read the rest here.

Next is a book giveaway. Who doesn't love these? Take Your Vitamin Z, is giving away three books courtesy of Crossway. Find out how to enter here. Free stuff rocks!

Last but not least is a video that is making its rounds all over the internet. Benny Hinn with a light saber. Need I say more?

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