Monday, January 24, 2011

Most Useful Android Apps

I wrote a while back about getting an Android phone, the Samsung Captivate. I thought I’d take a moment and share those apps that I’ve found most useful.


I started off using Blogger-droid. It worked well for text posts or with a picture, but struggled with adding links.

Now I’m trying out Blogaway. It has a nice interface and the ability to easily create links, which is vital when it comes to blogging.

Unfortunately, nothing has the function and ease of use of the Blogger post editor, but these do allow a better mobile blogging experience than the regular email posting provided by Blogger. What we need is for Google to provide an Official Blogger App, especially considering it is their Android operating system.

Another blogging app you can’t live without is If your spelling is as bad as mine or your not sure that word means what you think it does, it is a must have.

Web browsers

Dolphin has the best browsers for the web. I use both the Dolphin Mini and the Dolphin HD versions. The HD is great for doing more serious web work and has many optional extensions available. While the Mini is perfect for checking a quick link from Twitter or Facebook.

Another notable contender is Skyfire. It has the ability to play many videos that may not otherwise be viewed on mobile devices. It also integrates with Facebook for easily sharing and viewing what your friends have shared.

Keeping up to date

Google Reader is an absolute must. I’ve used this on the desktop for years and love it. There is no better way to subscribe to and keep up with your favorite blogs. Google Reader allows you to access content from multiple sources, all from one spot. Very convenient. The Android app has all the same great features such as starring and sharing, all formatted for your phone. Get it and don’t forget to subscribe to Living Hope.

Next is for your news fix. Drudge is a great for viewing the Drudge Report and all of its articles all from one app. No need to open a browser to view each link, it handles it all for you.

What’s it like outside? Well if the window is too far away, you can check your phone courtesy of WeatherBug. This app works great, allowing access to current weather conditions, extended forecasts, radar map, and weather alerts. Worried about battery life? You can set the update interval to what ever you like.

Bibles (Yes, there is no reason for not having God’s Word available at all times.)

My favorite is YouVersion’s Bible app. It offers many different translations, the ability to post notes, save bookmarks, and even select and follow a reading plan. The reading plans are the features I like best. YouVersion allows you to create a free account which will allow you to sync your reading plan between your phone app and the online service for reading and keeping up to date from anywhere. There are many different plans available and the nice thing is that while most reading plans are meant to be started January 1st, YouVersion allows you to start at any time and track your progress. If you get behind they even have a “catch me up” option, that brings your last completed day up to the current date. No need to get discouraged and quit. Just keep reading.

There are two other bible apps that look promising, Crossway’s ESV and the Logos app. Crossway’s is still in beta with limited features, soon to be updated. Logos, while available for the iphone(yuck!), has yet to be released for android. They are reportedly, currently working on this, soon to be released. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know as soon as I do.

Kindle and Nook also offer free ESV bibles. You should have these apps anyway, so go ahead and download the ESV as well.


If you’ve followed me at all here at Living Hope, you know I love christianaudio’s free monthly downloads. The problem I ran into is that when I tried to use my phone to listen, it kept losing my place between plays. But I found the solution, Audiobook Player2. This free app, is a no frills audiobook player. Works perfectly. Now head on over to christianaudio and download “The Pursuit of Holiness” before it's to late. Every Christian should hear this one.

Android central has a widget for keeping up with their latest and greatest. They have all the news an android user could ever want. Head over to their site and check it out. You can also download awesome wallpaper like I posted above.

Let me know what you think of these apps and if there are any I’ve missed. I’m always on the look out for more. Don’t forget to mention which device your using. Inquiring minds want to know!
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