Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Inner Geek

Technology can be so awesome. I recently upgraded to the Galaxy S Captivate, the best Android AT&T has yet to offer.

It is amazing what a phone can do these days. Besides the E-mail, web, and apps, it even makes and receives phone calls:-)

Seriously, it is a handy little trinket. I'm writing this post on it using the Blogger-droid app. If this method works out it may prove very useful to life here at Living Hope. It has always been challenging to find time to write between work and family and then to have a computer around when that time did come. Being able to post from my phone will definitely allow me to use every available moment to the fullest.

I'm loving the Android operating system. I've only had it for about a week now and so far I've got no complaints. Other than why do you have to pay a separate fee for messaging? I know it's not an android issue but come on now. I pay for voice and data, so why should messaging be charged on top of that? So many ways to make money, to bad none of them were my idea.

I've downloaded both the nook and the kindle app. Haven't had enough time to see which I like best, but they both do have a free version of the ESV Bible, so that's a plus.

So have you experienced the joy of having have a really cool phone? What apps do you find most useful? Leave your comments below. I'm sure there are many gems out there that I have yet to find.

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