Friday, December 24, 2010

The First Christmas: Fact or Fiction?

Here’s a true-false quiz:

1. Mary and Joseph had to travel as quickly as possible to Bethlehem because Mary could have given birth at any moment.

2. The Bethlehem innkeeper was fully booked and so Mary had to give birth to Jesus in the barn/stall nearby/behind the inn

3. Initially, this experience must have been frightening and lonely for Mary and Joseph

4. “The little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.”

5. The angels who appeared to the shepherds had wings.

The link below leads to an article by Paul Copan posted at Parchment and Pen. In it he examines the traditional Christmas story we tell year after year and compares it to the reality of the way of life in that time period. You may be surprised at how much of what we believe is actually wrong.

Click through and see how you did on the quiz and read the rest of the article.

The First Christmas: Myths and Reality

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