Friday, December 31, 2010

Do you still have your first love?

On Leaving My First Love

The link above leads to a great post by C Michael Patton from over at Parchment and Pen. I love his posts. He is a great theological thinker and teacher. I've listened to all 60 lessons of the Theology Program he created. Well, the free audio he graciously provides. I hope to one day afford the lessons and text and workbooks for the program. Yes, I am a nerd!

What I like best about his writing is that even with his dedication to high theology, he writes about real life. He isn't afraid to face his thoughts and emotions. So many times people who hold these views seem to just ignore anything in life that doesn't easily fit in with their views. They come off sounding perfect and all together, but in truth they are only lying to themselves and others.

In this post he talks of losing his first love. Revelation 2:4 ESV

But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.

He expresses how even though he maintained a strong conviction for doctrine and truth and truly believed it, yet his trust in those truths and in God to actually do them wavered. He still worked for the Lord, but had started to lose his love and trust in God himself.

Wow, how easily this can happen. We think because we hold to truth and do the right things, then we must be all right. Unfortunately, this only makes it harder to diagnose the problem. Oblivious to the symptoms, we can be swept away before we know something's wrong.

I urge you to read his post. It is so encouraging to know that others, wiser and greater than us, struggle with these things as well.

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