Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christian Spam

Send his to ten friends in the next ten minutes and you will be blessed.

Only 3 percent of people will send this on. Are you of that 3 percent?

Am I the only one who hates these e-mails and texts? Do we really believe so superstitiously, that by simply clicking the forward button we will be blessed? Should I be guilt-ed into passing it along so that I may be one of the few, the proud?

Has this become the mark of the modern Christian martyr? Sad.

What really gets me, is if I have found the message encouraging or convicting and it truly is worth sending on, but at the bottom I find this garbage.

Who creates these things?

And why do they all have huge fonts?

And wide spaces between lines?

And we can't leave out the corny animated hearts and smiley faces!

Maybe I'm just a party pooper, (I've been told) but I don't consider these to be anything more than modern “Christian” superstitions or vain attempts at relieving our consciences against our failed obedience to the great commission.

Well I'm done ranting.

Just remember to send this to 13 people in 8 minutes while standing on your left foot and reciting the Lord's Prayer.

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