Sunday, November 28, 2010

Answered Prayer

So we are on vacation about 200 miles from home and my wife's aunt who is watching our dogs calls and tells us the news that Demi our deaf and blind cockerspaniel has ran off. It's not their fault. It was just the day that the cable happened to break.

My wife was very upset. She has had that dog since high school. Being so far away we felt helpless and with below freezing temps we were worried Demi might not survive the night.

So we prayed.

With in the hour we got a phone call. Someone had found Demi and called my wife's cell phone number that was on his tag. We gave him the number of her aunt and she was able to go and get him.

God answers prayer! This is just one more instance of his merciful love. Praise be to our great God!
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