Monday, October 25, 2010

Pastor Stephen

After a long weekend of camping we didn't make it to church this Sunday morning, but decided to have church at home instead. Stephen my six year old loved the idea. While I was in the shower he planned everything out. He was going to be the Pastor. He used his small play table and decorated it with a small rug we had. Then he got one of my bibles and laid it out. He even got a plastic cup and had his brother, Titus, my seven year old write "offering" on it so we could collect it and asked him to play the piano for the offertory. It was beautiful!

He started with prayer and then we sang "Holy Bible." We read about Noah from The Jesus Storybook Bible and then he collected the offering while Titus played. Then he led us in "Deep and Wide," before having me read about Abraham. Then we finished up with "Jesus Loves Me." He did an amazing job and was so proud of himself.

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